Website Pricings

The Cats KnackersCosting up a website is a very difficult task.

All sorts of questions need to be asked, such as:The Cats Knackers

“How many pages would you like?”
“Do you need copy written for them?”
“Does your copy need to be SEO’d for search engines?”
“What kinds of graphics will you need?”
“Do you need photographs taken?”
“Do you already have a domain registered, or would you like us to source you one?”
“Do you need an email facility for your website?”
“Do you want a customer mailing list collection facility?”
“Would you like a newsletter facility?”
“Do you need external links to other websites or services?”
…and on and on…

However…  To give you a very  rough ball-park figure, the answer is £270.00 for a basic  seven page website, providing you already have the domain set up.

This would include all the graphics for the header and any ‘incidental’ graphics you’d like actually within the pages.

Any photography needed for your site, such as shots of your staff, pictures of your premises, and a gallery of your goods would also be included.

It would also include the content for your site.  As we’re trained to AP standards, and have our eagle-eyed Senior Management ready to spot any stupids and typos, you can rest assured your content will be easy to read, easy to understand, and more importantly, be interesting and informative  for your viewers.

A one-year contract for the maintenance of your new site, including security updates and any other changes you may need is £230.00.

Anything above and beyond this is obviously subject to discussion and agreement between yourselves and us.

So what are you waiting for?

Simply drop us an email, or give us a call on the number up to the right here, and we can discuss your new website today.