Cat Paw Print SMMany of our customers want not only their websites written, they want photos taking of their products to go on their sites too.P1000286

This has meant that we can certainly handle a digital camera, and more importantly, our awesome graphic artists can handle ‘Photoshop’ to cut, crop, and skillfully re-size photos to make sure they load quickly and cleanly on to Web pages.

Many Internet users put pictures on their Facebook pages or other social media, and because it appears to be so easy, they think they can do the same with a website photo.

These days, you ‘average’ digital photo is well over 2MB, often bigger.

What happens when you try to put one directly onto a webpage?

You get an awfully large photo that takes forever to download as the page loads.

To get the photo of the robin to the right here onto a web page, first you have to crop the image to remove bits you don’t want to show.

Then you have to further crop it down to be 800 x 600 or thereabouts.

Then you have to ‘Save For Web And Devices’, and select a compression that will bring your photo to a little under 100 KB in size.

And the result?

Clean, sharp, and detailed photos that show professionalism and care. Best of all, they are lightning-quick to download.