Because the Web is now viewed from so many different kinds of devices, each with a different screen sizes, you need a site that will gracefully adjust to whatever size display your patients may view it on.stethoscopeL23small

Here at TCK, we understand this, and this is why all our designs look beautiful and functional on a whole range of different devices.

No matter what screen your new site is viewed on, all the important and relevant information is right at hand.

Substance Over Style

Flashy graphics and bold, ‘in-your-face’ colours may be perfect for other sites, but we believe that sites for the ’emergency services’ should be clutter-free, simple and to the point, yet still be elegant and very easy to use.

We are accomplished writers, writing to AP (Associated Press) standards, so your content will be well written, intelligent and most of all, it will communicate directly with your target audience.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every practice is different, and here at TCK we recognise and embrace this.

When you commission us to write your website, we’ll listen to your requirements, make suggestions where appropriate, and actively work with you to give you the best, most practical solution to your website needs.  This will mean that your practice website is unique.


As you can see, this demonstration site is lacking fancy graphics.  This is fully intentional.  If you’d like your site to feature sliders, or other moving graphics, then we’ll be more  than happy to include them!

But it doesn’t stop there…

Throughout the year, we will make sure your site is fully up to date with security patches as and when they become available, and if you’re not happy with any aspect of your site, then we’ll change it with you until you are completely contented.

Change and Update Your Site Yourself

If there are new pages you’d like to add, or some you’d like to take away, you can!  With just a few minutes training, one of your staff will be able to change, add or even remove pages easily.  But don’t worry about them messing up your site!  Not only do we take nightly backups of all our sites, your staff will not have access to anything ‘crucial’, and so won’t be able to do or change anything that will compromise your site.  We promise!

Only a Phone Call Away

At TCK, we pride ourselves on Customer Service.  This means being at the end of the phone line, and if needs be, a site visit, whatever time of day or day of the week it is.

Oh, and we don’t charge for calls or call-outs.  Never have, never will.

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